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Wireless Presentation & Collaboration System
Introducing Qumi Q6
NovoPRO is a superior, next-generation system for wireless presentation and collaboration. It’s designed to take business meetings, conferences and corporate presentations to a new level of collaboration and interaction. Whether in a meeting, training or huddle room, NovoPRO addresses today’s collaborative meetings in a clutter-free, dynamic environment for meeting productivity and comprehension, while encouraging teamwork. The presenter can wirelessly interact and share digital content with attendees — and vice versa — via their PCs, tablets or other portable devices in this modern, smart-meeting environment.
Easy Connection via QR code
Powerful Platform
NovoPRO is built on a new, powerful Quad Core platform that provides un-compromised performance that allows for highly reactive instance response system (IRS), as well as Ultra HD 4K Support on wireless G, N or AC networks and Hotspot WAP capability while employing high levels of security.
Supports both Educational as well as Corporate functionality in a single unit
NovoPRO is switchable to bring together functionality for specific applications. In EDUCATIONAL mode, essential educator administration tools allow for class management in a digital age. Mobile Device Lock to allow focus on the taught lesson, Session Termination and class attendance are a few of the administration functions in NovoPRO.
In CORPORATE mode, AES128 encryption is employed and the Moderator functionality can be used.
Easy Connection via QR code
Dual Network Support
NovoPRO can simultaneously connect to two separate networks (Wi-Fi and Ethernet). This allows for facilitating, through a single device, Corporate and Guest or Faculty/Student networks
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Request for demonstration
Request for demonstration, within your facility, with a Novo Specialist. If you are a corporation, university or school region/district looking to standardize your BYOD infrastructure, click the link below:
Request a Demo
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Interactive Collaboration
Interactive Collaboration
Display up to four devices, simultaneously, on the screen for a split-screen display. This feature provides the meeting participants a convenient way to share, compare and collaborate with one another in the conference room or classroom.
One-Click Management
One-Click Management
The presentation and collaboration management software provides a meeting host (or the teacher) with the following functions:
  1. One-click control over who displays
  2. Presenter screen preview
  3. Secured meeting login
  4. Up to 64 participant connections
Vivitek Digital Engagement
Digital Engagement
The annotation feature includes a markup pen, eraser and color-fill; take notes and share documents wirelessly. Use the polling/voting feature to measure audience comprehension in the moment.
Easy Connection via QR code
Easy Connection via QR code
For moments when entering an IP address just isn’t instant enough, NovoPRO can display a custom QR code, enabling users to connect to the device after a quick scan via their smartphone or tablet’s camera.
iOS/Android Full Mirroring
Whether you’re showcasing the user experience of an app or providing technical instruction, full mirroring support ensures whatever you see on your device is exactly replicated.
launcher Connect
Remote Manager
Especially designed for corporations, schools, and other large institutions where widespread management of networking devices is key, remote manager is a standalone Windows/Mac application that enables the control of multiple NovoConnect devices from a single PC. To download the software, simply click on the “Software” tab of any Novo device product page.
launcher Connect
Launcher Logo
The NovoPRO can also be optionally equipped with the Launcher; a USB-connected device with software preloaded that, with the insertion and click of the Launcher, displays the computer screen. A true plug-n-play-to-display solution.

Launcher LogoAlternatively, click a corner of the button to share with up to three other devices.
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NovoPRO Back
Full Connectivity
NovoPRO connects to your display via HDMI and supports HD 1080p at 60 FPS. It supports video playback of 4k Ultra HD at 30 FPS using only the microSD slot.
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Key Features
  • Cable-free, clutter-free meeting rooms using Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Full screen mirroring of iOS, Android, Chromebook, PC and Mac supported
  • On-screen annotation
  • Screen capture and distribution
  • Wireless file sharing
  • QR-code device connection (PIN-securable)
  • Easy access to Cloud resources
  • Display up to four devices simultaneously
  • Optionally equipped with Launcher - software download not required
  • Ease of connection and operation
  • Security and moderator functions
  • Fully equipped with interactive and collaborative features
  • Dual-network support with hotspot and Wi-Fi modes
  • Windows 10 and iOS9 compatible
NovoPRO Features


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  • Cable clutter free meeting rooms with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • iOS, Android, Chromebook, PC and Mac full mirroring supported
  • Ease of connection and operation
  • Security and moderator functions
  • Full interactive features
  • Full Collaboration features
  • Dual network support as well as Hot Spot and Wi-Fi modes
  • Warranty - Minimum 3 years
CPU ARM Cortex A9 Quad-Core at 1.6 GHz
Memory DDR 1 GB
Storage Internal: 8 GB; External: MicroSD Card Slot
Wi-Fi 802.11 AC (2.4 GHz & 5 GHz) (b/g/n) 2T2R
Ethernet (RJ45) 10/100 (x1)/td>
USB USB 2.0 Type A (x1)
HDMI Video Output (x1) with Audio
Power Input Micro USB (5.35 V at 2A)
IR Receiver Remote Control (x1)
LED Indicators GREEN (Power on); BLUE (Network Activity); RED (Standby)
Button RESET
Temperature: Operating: 0°- 40° C; 32° - 104° F (Ambient)
Storage: -20° C - 60° C; -4° - 140° F (Ambient)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 120 x 75 x 16 mm; 4.72" x 2.95" x 0.63"
Weight 128 g, 4.5 oz
Accessory LAUNCHER (Part number: QL200) - 4 Launcher Buttons and Launcher Pad
Part number: QL200
Description: An optional capability. Display your content from a PC or Mac with a press of a button.
Type Title Type Size Download
  NovoPRO Corporate Brochure pdf 2.04 MB
  NovoPRO Education Brochure pdf 3.03 MB
  NovoPRO Quick Start Guide pdf 1.06 MB
  NovoPRO User Manual pdf 8.85 MB
  Software Upgrade Guide pdf 0.46 MB
  A Solution-Based Guide to Novo pdf 0.24 MB
  Network Deployment Guide pdf 1.21 MB
  Instructions to recover a corrupted Launcher device pdf 0.27 MB
  Enabling iOS Mirroring in a Multiple-subnet Environment pdf 0.73 MB
  Stream Video from Your Computer pdf 0.41 MB
  How to Enable and Disable Audio for PC/Mac pdf 0.35 MB
  Novo Lookup Service pdf 0.28 MB
Type Title Version Type Size Download
Desktop Streamer
  Windows 7 and above V2.2.2 exe 39.01 MB
  Mac OS 10.7 and above V2.2.2 zip 48.68 MB
  Chromebook (V.37 and above) V2.2.0 Ext. URL N/A
  Silent Installer for Windows V2.2.2 exe 38.92 MB
Remote Manager
  Windows 7 and above v2.2.0 exe 7.90 MB
  Mac OS 10.7 and above v2.2.0 zip 9.19 MB
  iOS V2.1.1 Ext. URL N/A
  Android V2.1.1 Ext. URL N/A
  Windows 7 and above exe 116.31 MB
  Mac OS 10.7 and above zip 30.66 MB
  Launcher Software Recovery Package V2.2.2 zip 86.70 MB
What can I do with this product?
NovoPRO is a wireless projection and collaboration device.
• Teachers can use it to organize student activities in a BYOD environment in classrooms.
• Companies can use it to facilitate interactive and engaging discussion in meeting rooms.
Can I connect NovoPRO to an LCD monitor?
Yes, you can. As a matter of fact, you can connect NovoPRO to any display equipment with an HDMI port or a VGA port (via an adaptor).
What display resolutions does NovoPRO support?
• 4:3 (XGA - 1024x768)
• 16:9 (1080p, 720p)
• 16:10 (WUXGA – 1920x1200, WXGA – 1280x800)
What can I do with the USB Port?
Connect a USB mouse and then you can configure the NovoPRO device with ease.
What types of PCs or tablets will work with NovoPRO?
NovoPRO supports a variety of devices (including Chromebook), making it perfect for BYOD environment.

• PC: Windows 7 +
• Mac: 10.7 +
• Android Tablets and Phone: Android 3.2 +, 4.2.2 + recommended
• iPad and iPhone: iOS 6.0 +
• ChromeBook: Chrome OS v37 +
How many users can connect to a NovoPRO device at the same time?
• 64 users when the NovoPRO device is connected to an existing WiFi network
• 8 users when the NovoPRO device is configured as a WiFi Hotspot.
Is my data secure when I use NovoPRO to share my screen?
Yes, your data is encrypted using AES-128 encryption to ensure data security when you set NovoPRO to “Corporate” mode.
What is key difference between NovoPRO Education Edition and Corporate Edition?
For Education Edition, there is always a moderator (normally a teacher) to host such a class session. On the other hand, for Corporate Edition, a meeting might or might not have a moderator (a meeting organizer). Their feature difference is summarized at the following table.

Screen Preview When switching
Who is in control Data Encryption
Education Edition
No permission asked The host (teacher)
Corporate Edition
(with Moderator)
Ask for permission from
The moderator
Corporate Edition
(without Moderator)
Ask for permission from
Every participant
My company does not allow me to load drivers or software on my computer but can I still use NovoPRO?
Yes, you will need to purchase the optional Launcher buttons. The executable is contained within the Launcher and no software is loaded on to your computer. In addition, the Launcher provides very easy operation – click a button and display your screen.
Can I use the USB port in the back of my projector to power the NovoPRO device?
As long as the USB port can supply 1.5A, it is going to work.
My projector only has a VGA port. How to make it work with NovoPRO?
You will need a HDMI-to-VGA adaptor to do the conversion.
HDMI to VGA adaptor.jpg
Where can I get the software for my Laptop and Tablet?
• For PC/Mac, go to and download software “Desktop Streamer”;
• For Chromebook, visit Google Chrome Web Store to download and install “Novo Desktop Streamer” App;
• For iPad or iPhone, visit Apple App Store to download and install “NovoPresenter” App;
• For Android tablets and phones, visit Google Play Store to download and install “NovoPresenter” App.
All above software are free of charge.
Can I put my school’s mascot or company logo on the home screen?
Yes, you can put pictures and even video clips on the home screen. The following is an examples, and please refer to the section 5.3 “Custom configuration file” of NovoPRO User Manual at for details.
I have set up my NovoPRO device properly for my organization. Is it possible to “lock” its setting parameters so that nobody else can change them by accident?
Yes. You can enable “Settings Protection” either from the PC software or on the device. (See the following figures for details.)


How to enable my NovoPRO device in Hotspot mode?
You can enable the Hotspot mode from PC/Mac or on the device.



Can I browse the Internet when I connect to my NovoPRO device in Hotspot mode?
How to connect a NovoPRO device to my WiFi network?
You can set up the WiFi connection from PC/Mac or on the device.

It is worth mentioning that, a check-box, “Use Hotspot if connection fails”, is available for users to decide what to do if NovoPRO loses its WiFi connection.
• When checked, the NovoPRO device will automatically switch to WiFi Hotspot mode when current WiFi connection is not available. (This could happen, for example, when WiFi routers lose power during power outage.)
• When unchecked, the NovoPRO device will not switch to WiFi Hotspot mode. Instead, it keeps monitoring the WiFi spectrum. Once the WiFi router is back online, the NovoPRO device will re-connect automatically.


I have connected my NovoPRO device to my school’s WiFi. However, it doesn’t seem to work. I can’t connect my PC or Tablet to it.
It is likely that your school’s WiFi network has firewall enabled. In this case, you will need help from your IT department. Please refer to “NovoPRO User’s Manual (Section 2 Network Setup)” available at
I connected my NovoPRO device to my school’s WiFi a few days ago. This morning I notice that it switches back to Hotspot mode by itself. What happened?
You may want to check option “Use Hotspot mode if connection fails” on the device. Please refer to question “How to connect a NovoPRO device to my WiFi network?”
Can I connect a NovoPRO device to a wired network?
Yes, NovoPRO is equipped with a RJ45 port, which can allow you to connect your wired Ethernet network.
Can visitors connecting to my company’s GUEST network access to the deployed NovoPRO device?
Yes, they can. NovoPRO can be connected to both your organization’s wired network and wireless network simultaneously. This dual-network capability is extremely useful for organizations with “guest” wireless network set up for visitors. In such a case, the NovoPRO’s RJ45 port is connected to a wired EMPLOYEE network while at the same time NovoPRO’s WiFi is configured to connect to a GUEST network, as shown in the following diagram. Screenshot_8.jpg

By doing so, you still keep the GUEST and EMPLOYEE networks separated, and at the same time, the NovoPRO device is available to both your guest users and employees.
Notes on Network Security: Inside the NovoPRO device, the WiFi section is completely separated from the Ethernet section, namely, there is no network routing between these two sections. Therefore, users connecting to the WiFi section will not be able to access any resource on the Ethernet at all, and vice versa. In short, security is not compromised in this configuration.
How to connect or log into a NovoPRO device?
(1) Connect your laptop or tablet to WiFi
(2) Two methods to log in (or connect)
a. Manual input
• IP Address
• PIN (optional)
• Name (optional)
b. QR-code scan (Tablets Only)

Is PIN code mandatory?
No, it is optional. However, once you enable it for a session, it becomes mandatory for the session.
I can’t connect to the NovoPRO unit either by scanning the QR code or entering its IP address.
Here is a check-list you may look into
(1) Verify your PC or tablet is connected to the same WiFi network as the NovoPRO device is.
(2) Verify the IP address you enter matches the one displayed on the screen.
(3) If PIN code is enabled, verify the PIN code you enter matches the one displayed on the screen.
(4) Re-launch the PC/Mac or Tablet App.
If the above fails, your WiFi network may have firewall turned on. In this case, you will need help form your IT department. Please refer to “NovoPRO User’s Manual (Section 2 Network Setup)” available at
I have connected to the NovoPRO device but my screen is not shown on the projection. What should I do?
After you are connected, click the user-list icon Screenshot_10.jpg(highlighted in RED in the left figure), to view the status of all users. Users with icon Screenshot_11.jpg, are actively projected on the screen. You may need the moderator to show yours.

How to switch a presenter or enter 4-to-1 projection?
Please refer to the icons highlighted in the following figures.

Can I hand over my moderator to someone else?
You can click the icons highlighted in the following figures.

I am a teacher. How can I preview my students’ screen?
Click or tab on the student’s name in the user list and you will see it in a couple of seconds. (See the figures below for illustration.)

Is there going to be future software upgrade? Do I need to pay for it?
We continuously upgrade our software to enhance user experience as well as to introduce more product features. You will be able to upgrade the PC/Mac and Tablet software, as well as the device firmware.

All software upgrade will be free of charge.
How to upgrade my PC/Mac software, Desktop Streamer?
There are two ways to do so.
(1) You can visit to download the latest software.
(2) Connect your PC/Mac to the Internet. Launch “Desktop Streamer” and it will search for upgrade automatically.
How to upgrade my Tablet App, NovoPresenter?
Use your App store to do so.
How to upgrade my NovoPRO device?
You can initiate the device firmware upgrade from “Remote Manager” software running a PC/Mac or on the device.


What can I do with NovoPresenter?
NovoPresenter allows you to view photos, open Office documents and PDF files, and browse the Internet. It also comes with
• On-screen annotation capability, which enables you to annotate any documents and websites
• A white-board module, which allows you to use tablet as an electronic white-board
• Playing your local or YouTube video to your audience via NovoPRO.
• Creating polling and voting on a class and access student responses instantly.
What file types can NovoPresenter open?
• Microsoft Office documents
• Images (JPEG, PNG, BMP)
• Video clips
Can I access my files in Dropbox or Google Drive?
Yes, you can access both of them.
How to share video via NovoPRO?
To share video via NovoPRO, your mobile device must be connected and projected in full screen. Namely, you need to be the full-screen presenter. Then, within NovoPresenter App,
• For local video clips, tap the “Documents” button at the left bottom corner and then choose “local storage”. You can also play a video stored on cloud storage such as Dropbox and Google Drive.


• For YouTube clips, tap the “Web” button at the left bottom corner and then tap the “YouTube” button to open YouTube Window. Paste or type the URL of the YouTube video you wish to play in the address column.

Can I mirror my iPad/iPhone?
Yes, You can mirror your iPad/iPhone to the projection screen via NovoPRO. No App is required to use this function.
1. Connect your iPad/iPhone to the same network as your NovoPRO.
2. Swipe up from the bottom of the iPad/iPhone to show the Control Center.
3. Click AirPlay and select NovoPRO’s AirPlay device name. By default NovoPRO’s AirPlay device is named as “Novo-XXXXX”, where XXXXX is a device-generated combination of letters and numbers.


4. Switch on “Mirroring” option and you will see a popup windows for entering “Airplay Password”. You can find the password from NovoPRO’s projection screen (illustrated below). After the correct password is entered, your iPad/iPhone’s whole screen will be mirrored to the projection screen.

Can I mirror my Android tablet/phone?
Yes, you can mirror your Android tablet/phone to the projection screen via NovoPRO provided that your tablet/phone supports Miracast-type screen mirroring. No App is required to use this function.
Please note: The following steps are illustrated using Google’s Nexus 7 Android tablet. Your tablet/phone may have a slightly different steps, and, may have a different name (like “Cast Screen”, “Miracast”, “Screen Mirroring”, etc.)

1. Connect your Android iOS tablet or phone to the same network as your NovoPRO.
2. Swipe down from the top of the Android device to show the Control Center, and then tap Cast button.


3. You will see a connection history. If this is the first time to set up such a connection, this list is empty. Please tap “MORE SETTINGS” to continue.


4. After some scanning, you will see a list of available devices. Tab the one you desired to connect. In this case, “Novo-C87F6” is the one.


5. Then your tablet/phone starts the connection process


6. After a few seconds (up to a minute or two), if connection is successfully set up, it shows “Connected”. At this moment, your tablet/phone’s full screen should have been mirrored to the projection screen..